Joynup Joynup is a SaaS B2C platform that transforms how couples build and communicate about relationships, offering a new path to smart, informed romance. Joynup offers a modern alternative to traditional marriage and divorce, where couples can communicate openly, build trust and transparency, form flexible agreements, store and track life data, protect their property and break up without drama. Home Page

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Smart Informed Romance

Joynup modernizes the way couples build partnerships, protect their assets and plan for the future. Love should feel safe, not like you’re risking everything. With Joynup, you’ll have peace of mind, so you can enjoy love.

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Protect your happily ever after – joyfully!

Don’t waste time, money and emotional energy preparing for your divorce before you even walk down the aisle. Discussing your commitment should not feel like disaster planning. Besides, did you know that courts can throw out your prenup? Joynup agreements don't ruin the romance or the promise of forever.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Like insurance, Joynup helps protect everything important in your life.

About Us

Joynup helps couples build trust through transparency.

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Modern vows.

Finally, a way to truly love, honor and cherish your partner and yourself.

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